Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Question of the Day #912

"I was a little skeptical of acupuncture. But this woman got me when she asked me if I hated the wind," said G.

"Do you hate the wind?" I asked.

"Yes. I hate the wind." She nodded.

"I love the wind!" said S. "I'm a kite flying, walk on the windy beach loving..."

"I hate the wind too," said T.

S's face fell. She turned to me.

"I don't hate the wind. But it can be annoying. Like on Sunday, I had friends over and we had to pull out the puffy coats at 1:00," I said.

I turned to J.

"Do you hate the wind?"

"Yes," she replied.

"See? So the acupuncturist just knew. She knew I hated the wind," G said.

"Does the acupunturist hate the wind?" I asked.

"Yes," G said.

"Clearly, this is tomorrow's question," I said.

"Good. I can't wait to see if other people hate the wind!" G said.

So, how do you feel about wind?



  1. Most of the time I love the wind. Growing up in the tropics it's there all the time. Daily weather report is "winds 10 t0 15 MPH." And that's good because it keeps things cool and aids in sailing. When I don't like the wind is when it's big and damaging, tornadoes, hurricanes. But even the big storms have a purpose, stirring up the atmosphere and scrubbing the air clean.

  2. Sails bellowing in and out with the slightest breeze. More wind, more speed. The sun on my face, fingers of air brushing through my hair.

    Yep. I like the wind.

  3. How the F do you hate the wind - get your head examined & not by an mean to tell me you own a convertible and don't like the wind? Careful girl, else we finally throw down.
    I LOVE THE WIND - it means the world is still traveling at 240000 miles an hour & we wont float off into Sarah L, more wind, better boring would the environment be without it??? - Love watching trees sway - love random pieces of trash rolling across the streets of LA - a tumble weed a can't see what flag it is unless the wind is blowing it.
    Ever been on a motorcycle????
    RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR - you got my blood boiling, Im gonna step outside IN THE WIND and cool off!!

  4. I'm throwing down a percentage. 70% love, 30% annoying.

  5. It's a love-hate relationship with me. I love it most of the time, especially on those days when it blows strong enough that I have difficulty walking, and I end up laughing so hard that walking becomes absolutely, positively absurd. And wind energy! What's not to love? It's when it becomes dangerous (tornadoes, hurricanes, extreme windchill), then I become a hater.

  6. I live in The Windy City** (well actually the suburbs, but I work downtown). How can I claim to hate the wind?
    ** Technicallity: Windy actually refers to the polititions, but there's plenty supplied by Mother Nature too.

  7. Hmmm. I think I love it up until the point where the umbrellas on the beach become weapons.

  8. I love the wind when it's exciting and invigorating, when it reminds me how alive I am. I do not love it when it blows sand or pollen in my eyes. I shall have a word with it about that.

  9. Like any country girl, I HATE it. HATE it.

  10. I don't *hate* it, but I don't like it when it knocks trees over. I'm sure plenty of people in the south are hating it right now, though.

  11. Okay, the fact that you asked this question and we got one helluva windstorm today with tropical storm force winds...interesting. Did we make wind? (snicker) :D

  12. We had an incredible burst of wind this morning and some trees cracked and fell to the north of the house.
    It howled soooo loud last night that I had to shut the windows AGAIN. Where are the gentle breezes of spring?


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