Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Question of the Day #896

I hoard meat.

It's not pretty, but it's true. When organic chicken goes on sale, I stockpile it, vacuum seal it and pop it in the freezer. The same goes for chops and beef.

I know that around the holidays, roasts go on sale. Right before Easter, I'll be able to nab a $50 standing rib roast for about $16.

I can also tell you where to buy the sweetest organic tomatoes at the lowest price and the best wild caught fish for the least amount of money.

"You're like a food shopping expert," D said. "Out of nowhere, you'll say, 'Whole chickens are on sale for 69 cents a pound.' Who knows that stuff?"

"You know how to install a thermostat and wire light fixtures. Who knows that stuff?" I asked.

"I guess everybody has a thing," he said.

"Exactly, like my mom with gardening. Total expert. That's because she loves it. Like you love building stuff," I said.

"Like you love food," he said.

"Exactly," I said. "Is dinner almost ready?"

At what are you an expert?



  1. Bitching, moaning & groaning - followed with a laugh & sometimes a beer.

  2. Wow! Expert in nothing but really good vibes in lots of stuff. I think that is the way to be.
    To know your way around the rudiments of a business, a house, a yard A LIFE! That is, I think, better than being an expert in something specific.
    TY I agree with you and a beer ;)

  3. Expert? I'm not sure I'm an expert at anything, except maybe loving my family and playing rougha with my dog.

  4. Dang, woman. Meat!
    I'm an expert at spelling and grammar and navigating school politics.

  5. I wouldn't say I'm an expert, but I have a pretty good sense of direction. My husband relies on maps or phone apps because of his days as a cop and ambulance attendant. I can usually figure out which way to go on my own.


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