Sunday, April 3, 2011

Question of the Day #887

Today, D and I went to his sister's house. D and his oldest nephew battled out three games of pool before Nephew #1 headed out to the pier with his buddy.

As we attempted to play a video war game with D's brother in law, Nephew #2 called and needed a pick-up from town.

When the three of us arrived, D's shaggy haired middle nephew and his buddy dropped their skateboards in the trunk and hopped into the backseat with me.

When we got back to the house, nephew #3 bounded through the front door with his little buddy. The dad of the house lit a fire in the firepit while Mom put chops on the grill. D and nephew #2 played with bb guns while the little guys skated on the half pipe, whipping a ball around with hockey sticks.

Their home is the perfect mix of warmth and chaos. Definitely the cool place to be.

What was your home like when you were a kid? Was your family's house the place where all the kids wanted to hang out? If not, who had the cool house?



  1. Sadly, while growing up my house was not sought after by my friends... BUT it was definitely the place to be with my children's friends!

  2. My home was very relaxed and comfortable. As a family we were spontaneous. And my sister and I were always bringing home strays both of the animal and human kind.

  3. I remember our back yard being quite the place--but in our neighborhood we roamed from yard to yard looking for feral dogs we'd seek out KoolAid and Oreos....


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