Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Question of the Day #889

Years ago, my friend, J, was on a road trip with her boyfriend. They stopped at a cheap motel late at night and checked in.

In the morning, as they were packing up, J said, "Babe, you left your underwear at the bottom of the bed."

She pointed at the briefs crumpled up in the sheets.

"Those aren't mine," he said.

How would you describe the worst motel/hotel you ever stayed in?



  1. OMG! How gross is that! Can't get near that story, thank goodness!

  2. That is GROSS!

    Worst motel ever was in Salt Lake City of all places. The room was beyond filthy, there were weird spiders and insects on the ceilings, the water didn't drain in the sink or bathub and only ran super cold or super hot, and the walls were paper thin - the people next door to us must've been on their honeymoon or something. Thank God we were only there one night.

  3. GAK! I don't recall having any back motel/hotel experiences.

  4. Yup...that was me. You forgot the part about the underwear being about size 38 & grungy. They must have belonged to someone quite nasty. We were so grossed out that we didn't even get our money back. We just ran outta there as fast as we could.

  5. Dude...thats nasty...Hotel in the Virginia mountains while shooting a car commercial...25 people complained of cockroaches and things like you are describing...I wouldn't know cause I literally decided to sleep in the rental car...One look at my room & I was out of there...i need a shower just thinking about this stuff - YUCK!

  6. EW!
    Uh, when I was a kid we stayed at the Flamingo Motel in Mitchell, SD. The shower was coated with green filmy mold and my mother insisted on hosing us down while telling us NOT TO TOUCH THE WALLS!

  7. Hillsville VA
    The TV didn't work...I NEEDED my Hill Street Blues.
    The furniture was plastic. I think there was plastic between the sheets and the mattress. The furniture was plastic, the walls were concrete, the tiny bathroom sink was not in the bathroom.
    We were so tired from driving 10 hours that we stayed anyway.
    It was almost 30 years ago and all we have to say is "Hillsville Virginia"

  8. ICK!

    The hotel we stayed at in Bath, UK was pretty awful. They lost our reservation somehow and we ended up in a very dingy and hot room. Thank goodness it was only for one night. We stayed out as long as we could. I cleaned down walls and light switches before touching anything. The bed was horribly uncomfortable and I stayed in the fetal position all night. Woke early and got the hell outta there. I have just caught myself snarling in disgust as I type this. :S

  9. Yuck!

    We checked into a room at the Strat in Vegas and it looked like someone had been sick in the bathroom. It wasn't super bad, but they upgraded us to a really nice suite.


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