Thursday, April 7, 2011

Question of the Day #891

Yesterday, after I finished working, I found myself with a couple hours to kill before I had to drive a friend to the airport.

I didn't know what to do with myself.

I haven't been writing, so I don't have a WIP to work on. I've been working and cooking so much that I haven't even cracked a book. So I had nothing to read. It was already dark, so a walk wasn't an option. I had already blogged. And I did not need to check out Facebook again.

I was bored.

It's very odd not to use my free time for writing. While working, I used to automatically think things like, "After I finish this document, I'll have two hours to work on my manuscript."

Now I watch "The Waltons." (No, I am not kidding.)

If I get any more free time, I may be forced to start writing a new novel.

What do you with your free time?



  1. I read, I weed, I watch the birds.

  2. In the rare time I don't have something, I guess I take a nap, read a magazine, or browse the internet, check blogs. But there's always a chore to do, an errand to run, a wip to work on etc. I do watch a half hour of TV each night. Usually a sitcom or something funny or the news.

  3. Catch up on all my recorded TV favorites ;)

  4. Wonder what I should do in my free time.

  5. Sleep or read one of the many magazines I'm "behind on."

  6. Wait--you're not writing anything? We have to catch up by phone. As for free time, read or watch DVDs of TV shows.

  7. Word Mojo on the computer and I always have a book I'm reading and book of crossword puzzles.

  8. I can't imagine that much free time. I've got so many piles of books I don't think I'll ever run out my story ideas are piling up with not enough time to write them all! And then there's the kids. Maybe you need to have some kids :P

  9. I feel guilty for not doing anything constructive. That finally passes as I find other ways to waste time. FB is a big one for me.


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