Saturday, April 23, 2011

Question of the Day #908

Recently, while my parents were on vacation with some friends, The Question of the Day came up and they began to brainstorm. Here are the results:

1. Why are perfect people so annoying?

2. What's the strangest meal you've ever had?

3. When you sit at a table that wobbles, do you fix it? Suffer with it? Complain?

4. What have you done for someone today? Or what have you done lately to pass it forward?

Here are my answers:

1. I don't know any perfect people. If my question donors are referring to people who act like they're perfect, then they're just plain annoying. No "why" necessary.

2. Ooo. Good one! H and I recently had fried pig ears. Delish. We also once had a raw quail egg over raw fish eggs. Not delish.

3. I usually wait for someone else to fix a wobbly table. Which is odd. Because metaphorically, in the big scheme of life, I'm the fixer.

4. I have done nothing for someone else today. Not even lately. I've had a very Suzie-centric week. Gotta get on that.

Thank you to J, M, W & E for the fun questions! So readers, it's your turn. How would you answer?



  1. 1. Nobody is perfect but thinking others are is just our misguided perceptions that makes us feel somehow inadequate. It's just mental deception.
    2. I once had fresh fried chicharrones. Someone slaughtered a pig and fried up fresh the flesh and parts (fresh pig skins? No thank you!). I couldn't get past eating gristley pork bits. But it was obviously a treat for my hosts.
    3. I tend to suffer at the table or someone else will jump in quickly with the sugar packet.
    4. I just got up today, so I haven't done much except write check for the people cleaning up my lawn. Earlier this week I sent a Easter package of chocolates to a friend.

  2. 1. It's only people who think they are perfect that are annoying.

    2. Baked Tofu in some sort of odd glaze to make it palatable. (gag) And blood pudding (double gag)

    3. I fix it or make someone fix it.

    4. I've changed the sheets on my mother's bed and cleaned house for her arrival home from the hospital.

  3. No one is perfect, that's why they're annoying. Twinkies and coffee for lunch. Fix it--even with a folded piece of paper beneath a table leg. Took the dog out and fed him so D could stay at the office this morning.

  4. I have not met a perfect person yet...christian slater said everyone has a vice, I had deer in michigan, too gamey, I helped my local church for easter, I would move tables,

  5. 1. We get annoyed when we assume someone thinks they are perfect. So I guess it's our own fault, really.

    2. A pineapple and mayo sandwich, when I was pregnant.

    3. I start looking for something to fold up and stuff under the leg.

    4. The usual mom stuff (and some Easter Bunny stuff, too).

  6. 1. I know there is no such thing as perfect people so I'm never annoyed.
    2. My daughter's first attempt at making me breakfast which was rice crispies and spinach.
    3. I try to fix the table. At worst I keep my foot on the wobbly bit.
    4. Making a castle for my daughter's birthday party, made dinner for my family, planned Easter suprises, and gave the cat its meds.

  7. 1. "Perfect" people don't annoy me.
    2. I know I've eaten some crazy stuff but nothing comes to mind right now.
    3. I fix the table immediately.
    4. Typical Mom stuff today & every day. Oh, and I went to my sister's house to water her flowers while she's away. No real out-of-the-ordinary "pay it forward" stuff lately.

  8. 1--Perfect always strikes me as plastic (not genuine)
    2--noodles with ketchup (ick)
    3--move to another table
    4--today I wrote all day but yesterday I spent a couple of hours picking up trash along a lake (for Earth Day)


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