Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Question of the Day #1,129

I have a doctor's appointment today. It just so happens that my friend needs a ride to a doctor's appointment. So the plan is to pick him up, go to my appointment and then go to his appointment.

Then maybe we'll hit the Early Bird Special.

Seriously, what's aging you?



  1. Nothing. I'm just getting younger, and younger, and younger, and........

  2. Ha ha!!
    When my kids tell me that my older sister looks younger than me, I tell them it is because she doesn't have kids to give her wrinkles and gray hair. :)

  3. I hurt my knee playing basketball. Turning 40 sucks.

  4. Ha! That's funny! Hope your doctors appointments both went well. :-)

    Lack of sleep is aging me. I miss my 10 hours per night!

  5. I have become one of those old people that can predict the weather with their arthritic joints.

  6. I still feel young, but those late night drinking binges aren't helping...

  7. All those silly, younger, college students floating around town. Strange, but at the same time they keep me young. :)
    I love my age.

  8. What's Early Bird Specials?
    I might be too young for that. I can still stay awake for a day or two, and I'm tired, but it's dooable. I still sleep in til 10, 11 a.m. if I can.


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