Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Question of the Day #1,109

Is Justin Bieber the father of an infant? What happened to Kim Kardashian's marriage? Lindsay Lohan goes to jail for 10 minutes - again.

Who cares? Can somebody tell me why this "news" is so pervasive that even I, who, unless we're talking about an icon like Julie Andrews, could care less about celebrity, have heard these stupid stories?

Seriously, can you help me make some sense out of this?



  1. Before I started reading your sentence, I was thing "Who cares?" And then you answered in same! I love it.

    A lot of people love gossip. I lot of people love pain too. People enjoy different things. The differences make us interesting. Whereas Julie Andrews is an icon to you and I, The Bieber, the Kardashian's, Paris Hilton, and the other professional celebrities may be an icon to someone else. Personally, I think they're a waste of perfectly good oxygen.

    George Carlin made a similar point: "Think about how stupid the average person is. Half are stupider than that!"

  2. When I started reading, I was like "oh no, she's into these things too" and I was a bit disappointed. Then I realized what you were saying - thank goodness!

    I don't know why this is so exciting. It isn't really for me. Obviously for someone it is though.

  3. There's a market out there for it I guess, otherwise we wouldn't be hearing about it. It becomes a strange (but profitable) way to get your "brand" out there.

    I often wonder if some people gravitate to it because it's a way for them to escape their own lives for a while? Or, maybe it is the new modern soap opera? Who knows, I personally have never followed such things. I even felt the same way back in the 80s with Teen Beat magazine and all the rest. My friends would be all gaga about a singer or tv star, following the latest gossip, and I did not care about any of it in the slightest.

    This is not news. I would like to understand more about the econmic problems of Europe and what is really going on there. What is happening in Africa, a huge continent that we only hear about if there is a revolt or violent demonstration. Cuba, I learned from a travel person,is being opened to travel with certain restrictions. Isn't that news given our 50+ years of isolation? Does anyone know from our media what is actually happening in Egypt,,, right now? No!!!! because our media does not deem it to be NEWS.
    How can we understand our world when we are focusing on Justin Beiber?
    OOPS ! I think you "got me started"

  5. Personally, I think the media releases well planned, fluffy distractions that keep most of us from focusing on more important issues. While I do think that entertainment is necessary to keep laughter and music in our lives, the fact that a "Shocking Hollywood Breakup" can over-shadow a missing child, political corruption or any other truly news-worthy story out there is so much sadder than Lindsay Lohan's self-destructive downward spiral.

  6. Sigh. No I can't help you make sense of it, but I wish I could stop it since just this morning, my 15 YEAR OLD stepdaughter said to me, "Did you know Bieber knocked some chick up?" Sigh.


  7. I'm as clueless as you on why people give a crap about this stuff.

  8. I don't know either, but the top story on Yahoo tonight is about Demi Moore divorcing her husband. Really? Over all the other news, that's the top one? I guess it's what people click on most???


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