Saturday, November 19, 2011

Question of the Day #1,119

This genius question is brought to you by the letter H.

What, besides money, would you take as acceptable payment for something?

For example, I would accept payment in Whole Foods gift cards, since I spend most of my money on food anyway.



  1. Books or CDs -- I can never have enough. Or at least I've got myself believing that! ;)

  2. Consulting hours with an IT guru. I know an accountant who almost never pays for anything. He barters his accounting services for the services he needs. Who doesn't need accounting services?

  3. Homemade bread.

    We barter eggs for bread at our market all summer long.

  4. I'm a firm believer in the barter system! Everyone has a talent, if not trained in a craft of some sort.

  5. Housecleaning hours, babysitting hours, free meals, snowshovelling, gift cards to the health store, several clothes stores, or a spa. Haircuts. I'd also take payment in plants. ...apparently I'll accept just about anything. :)

  6. I would accept payment in the form of back massages.

  7. Gift cards basically are money, though, right?
    I like the massage idea.
    Or feed me!
    Or give me music!
    Or write me poetry!
    Any of the above would be a joyful form of payment.

  8. upon reading these answers, I say..."yawn" - sexual favors are always acceptable & have been in use for centuries.. not back massages, or poetry, books nor CD's (really).. wow

  9. Certain gift cards, like for a department store or grocery store, that works for me. Besides that ... yeah probably not much.


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