Thursday, November 3, 2011

Question of the Day #1,103

When you were a kid did you ever sell something for a cause? Like Girls Scout Cookies? Or I remember kids selling peanut brittle for Little League. Or was that Pop Warner?

Anyway, what have you sold for a cause?



  1. I remember selling chocolate covered almonds for the school. And cookies when I was in Brownies. Baked goods and crafts for both church and school...I think that's it though.

  2. I remember selling candy bars and these weird jars (with horrible designs straight out of the 70s plastered all over them) filled with popcorns kernels. My kids have sold wrapping paper and cookies but due to sagging sales the school started an annual walk-a-thon. The results have been amazing. They've raised double the $ (each child is asked to raise $40), the kids get some exercise and parents don't have to twist their friends/families/co-workers arms to buy things they don't need. It's a win, win, win!

  3. Like lisa my kids sell items for their programs. we have not done any walks or runs yet. just cancer walks for now....

  4. Yup! Girl Scout Cookies. Plus dumb fundraisers for the school.
    My kids have to sell wrapping paper for their school.

    I also used to collect change for the prevention of child abuse in college (can't remember for which organization though)).

  5. I have always been the WORST salesperson. Consequently, other than T selling boy scout popcorn, we don't really sell. We pay the buy out amount.

  6. All sorts of random things from my school, and Girl Guides ahahaha.


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