Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Question of the Day #1,115

What do you feel like you can never catch up on?

This question popped in my head when I spotted the clothes mountain in my laundry basket. Didn't I just do lundry on Friday? How can there be more?



  1. Never ending chores aside, I'll never catch up on my plans. To explain that wee bit of cryptic doubletalk; whenever I'm about to attain a particular goal, something comes up and sidetracks me. I'm easily distracted by the next thing.

    Oh, you wanted specifics? Bills.

  2. Friends! I "owe" and want chats with some good buds but the time is never there :(

    Paper! I am trying to be "paperless" BUT It multiplies. Argh ;~(

  3. I'm swimming in a sea of schoolwork, artwork, and general treasures my little ones create. I try to keep up and file in labeled containers but geeeeeesh, its tough.

  4. Lol so true about the laundry. And just cleaning in general. So much I want to organize and stuff but it never gets done! :P


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