Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Question of the Day #1,101

Last night, I worked the craziest Halloween party. Hundreds of people toured the Haunted House where invisible hands grabbed at visitors, zombies lurched with chainsaws and psychodelic lighting and music played tricks on minds.

Celebrities and California Royalty roamed the backyard, eyed the shipwreck for pirates and skirted around the skeletons in the front yard car crash.

Police shut down the streets. Secret service surveyed the scene and I ran around for hours.

As a result, every muscle in my body aches. I'm moving like an elderly woman.

When was the last time you worked so hard your whole body hurt?



  1. Laying a Fieldturf soccer field this summer for two weeks...you go from pencil pusher to laborer & WHAM-O. Go buy some "Deep Heat" or Ben Gay... its temporary relief but relief non the less.. Feel better!

  2. Setting up a store where I worked for Christmas last year...after we had already worked for 9 hours, at 2am the roof started leaking and we were there another 2 hours cleaning up the mess until my boss decided to show up and help.

    I gave my 2 weeks notice shortly after that.

  3. Working in my garden every Spring!

  4. I've undertaken some major garden projects this year. Digging new large gardens, digging up and transplanting sod, hauling yards and yards of mulch, planting 300 spring bulbs, etcetera, etcetera. There were times I thought I was just collapse on the spot. Definitely sore muscles afterwards, but I always find the second day after is always worse.

  5. Hot damn, woman. That's some party!
    Spring garden work makes me ache like that. But maybe not THAT much.

  6. That's crazy! Sometimes I go to parties for like hours (think ... 10 or 12 hours ... lol). Sure we have a break or two to have a snack or something. But I probably end up dancing for like 8 hours. The day after ... I feel like my legs are going to fall off! Hah.

  7. Wow, that would've been fun to see! But I empathize with the pain you're feeling after so much hard work.

    Uh, I honestly can't say the last time I worked so hard...besides your run-of-mill post-exercise body ache. Which I just had last week. It hurt to walk. All me muscles were whinging and groaning.


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