Monday, August 30, 2010

Question of the Day #672

Every year, my father and his wife have a barbeque at their home in Sonoma. We taste wines from the area and eat way too much cheese and grilled meats.

This weekend, I saw a friend of my father's I'd met when I was 12, when they used to work together in Chicago. To my surprise, that friend now lives in northern California.

As neighbors gathered around the grill, a comparison of a Napa Pinot Noir versus one of Sonoma's ensued among a couple more people my father has worked with over the years. My father's wife's bookclub members and I talked must reads as friends who are now like family members made new friends.

It was interesting to connect the dots of friendship.

How do you know your friends? From work? Play? Neighbors? Clubs?



  1. Mostly college. And neighbors, although half my neighbors are from college.

    I have a smattering of friends from growing up/high school but just about all of them are ex-NJ.

    I hang out with a bunch of people from work, but only 1 or 2 of them do I consider true friends.

    And then there's siblings and cousins and in-law's who are my family turned best friends.

    I love having so many different circles of friends... there's always something different to talk about and to learn!

  2. Mostly work - and from writing conferences. Two of my best friends are writers I met five years ago at the Maui Writer's Retreat and Conference. I have a couple friends from high school, but most of us have grown apart.

  3. I know most of my friends from high school. A strong bond that continues to amaze me.

  4. My best friends are friends from my neighborhood. My other friends are moms of kids' friends and old colleagues and college and hs I guess! But now that I think of it, my closest friends are family members too!

  5. To qualify, my best friends are friends from my childhood neighborhood! Three of us have been best friends over thirty years!

  6. A couple from high school, a few from college, a few more from work, and then a whole lot from church, writing stuff, and my kids' friends' parents.

  7. It's so much easier to make friends when you're young. Why is that? My best friends are all old friends. School mates and such, having babies together and getting high and camping and simples pleasures. Simple friends. Good friends.

  8. For us this seems to change as we move. This last move put us a long way from "home." We haven't really found our nitche (sp?) yet. We socialize with a few neighbors and a few people from my husband's office. It takes time...


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