Friday, August 20, 2010

Question of the Day #652

Today's excellent Question of the Day is brought to you by Lisa D:

If, in your next life, you are able to choose 3 characteristics, talents and/or traits that you will own, what would they be?

1. I would choose to be a great dancer.
2. I'd like to be athletic, as in not feel the urge to duck when a ball comes flying at me.
3. I'd like to have patience.

What about you guys?



  1. 1. More disciplined
    2. Musically inclined (instrumental or vocal wise, i'm not picky!!!)
    3. And i'm going to stick with the patient characteristic too...I really gotta work on that one!!! =P

  2. 1. sharp wit
    2. amazing singer
    3. organized

  3. Good question!

    1. confidence
    2. patience
    3. a clue about the third thing!

  4. 1. hysterically funny
    2. an incredible voice
    3. I'd like to try being taller too - maybe 5'8" or so...

  5. Ooh! I can't choose my own now that I see all these great answers. Borrowing, I'd say:

    1. More patient
    2. Taller
    3. More athletic

  6. 1. I'd like to be taller too! but weigh the same as now :)
    2. Smarter
    3. Sharper memory

  7. 1. A morning person
    2. MUCH more artistic and creative
    3. Taller and thinner

  8. Hmmm (I wish I could have them now...)
    1. Have more self confidence
    2. Be more coordinated
    3. Have a better memory (which includes spelling)

  9. Doc says:

    So I answer your three questions. You dance when music enters your body.. And the next thing is you will have to have patience to listen to the rest of this story, but it does tell you about duck.


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