Monday, August 23, 2010

Question of the Day #655

Kristen asks, "What do you like best about the changing seasons?"

Well, my seasons are bit different than yours. Summer just came a few days ago. We'll quickly head toward Fire Season. Then Rainy Season. Then back to May Gray and June Gloom. And hopefully, we'll have an actual Summer next year.

But, I have lovely memories of Summer turning to Fall on the east coast, of waking up to crisp September mornings and leaves turning to gold. (Clearly, I should spend more time in Vermont in the Fall.)

What do you like best about the changing seasons?



  1. I like the fall and winter because the beach turns quiet again. But just for the record, I do miss the leaves changing in autumn. The autumn palm trees just don't do it for me.

  2. I love pulling out my seasonal clothes. I'm partial to the change to spring from winter, but summer to fall brings back the kickin' boots.

  3. Agreed MotherReader - the seasonal closet change is the best. After a hot summer, there's something special about the first day in jeans, a fall sweater, and fabulous boots.

    What I love most about the changing seasons is that every couple of months we have this renewed appreciation for Mother Nature. We start taking things for granted like warm sunshine and the beach, and then before you know it, Mother Nature changes it all on us and brings crisp cool nights with jeans & hoddies, and changing leaves, and soon... SKIING! :-)

    There's a different activity for every season, isn't there? Fabulous.

  4. I love the smell of the damp earth, the song birds, the explosion of colour, rebirth and fresh air in the spring.

    I love the warmth of the earth, the smell of fresh cut grass, and going barefoot in the summer.

    I love the autumn leaves, the chill in the air, the smell of wood burning stoves, the bountiful harvests, and snuggly warm sweaters during fall.

    I love the calmness and quietness of winter, playing in the snow followed by hot chocolate, and the festivities that take place. What I love most about winter, is knowing that the other three seasons will be coming again!

  5. I love when it's winter to spring and the forest behind me pops to green. Then I love when spring turns to summer and it's HOT! I also love the colors of the leaves when it turns to fall.
    I don't like it when it turns winter!

  6. We went from winter (snow and ice) to the rainy season in Iowa....I'm sure now that the rain seems to be slowing down the snow will be back.

    HMMMMMM, on your response to my blog post.

  7. Hands down, I love spring turning in to summer. I'm a lake-going water skiing gal, and I live the rest of the year for summer! Plus, tanning the pasty legs is always a plus.

  8. Love all the changing seasons but especially spring where life renews itself in beautiful technicolor.

  9. Here in the states I love summer to fall and winter to spring. Growing up in the tropics I used to get peeved that tourists didn't think there were seasons. There are of course. One just has to be more aware as the changes are subtle. I loved that too.

  10. I like the return to routine that comes with the fall (as in the kids going back to school), then the escape from routine when summer arrives (when they get out).

  11. I'm always up for the change. It's exciting. Winter starts to warm, Spring rain turns to beach season, Summer heat turns to crackling leaves and and and then... the 1st snowfall. Love it.


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