Friday, August 6, 2010

Question of the Day #638

Last night, TY told me about his surfer friend, H, who was recently circled by two great white sharks at Sunset Beach. On a short board, he raised his arms and legs out of the water and waited for a rideable wave.

The lifeguards' whistles shrilled as they frantically waved swimmers and surfers out of the water. People ran out of the ocean screaming. But H, far out in the water, calmly scanned the horizon for swells while the fins circled him.

Finally, a wave rolled up and H surfed to shore.

"Holy crap. That's crazy! I'd never go surfing again," I said.

"Are you kidding me? He's probably out there right now. A shark scare wouldn't stop him," TY said.

I began scribbling on a piece of paper.

"What's the question?" TY asked.

"What will you continue to do that someone else thinks is crazy?" I responded.




  1. Camp in bear country. I will, however, not camp in a tent. Sure a grizzly can rip an RV open, but you'd have a lot more warning.

  2. Everything :) If you love it and you feel confident with whatever it is, then it is yours and go for it. (right now I'm going for my bed, that is challenge enough for today zzzzzzzz.

  3. Oh I'm so with Rena. My husband and Iove to camp in bear country. I also love to swim - but in lakes or pools. I admit to having a fear of sharks.

  4. Keep writing. After so many years and so many rejections, most of my friends and family think I'm crazy for still trying.

  5. Holy crap! That's scary! But yes, I will continue to putz around with our Back 40 acreage and keep trying to restore it.

  6. This is only crazy for those who know how debilitating a fear of heights is...but I refuse to accept my fear, and keep putting myself in high places, trying to overcome the fear.

    I will also continue to plan stupidly big projects before life events -- like a kitchen reno the week before Christmas and stuff like that. :)

  7. When I thought of how I would answer this, I thought first of what I did that seemed crazy. So I remembered that even some of my closest friends have called me stubborn for trying to be friends with everyone. (everyone includes who I meet in real life, I can't tell you how many enemies I've made over the net) If I'm ever in a situation with someone I've just met I always try to empathize with them to know how to get along with them. There are times where it's hard to have everyone as your friend. ex: Being close friends with two people who are sworn enemies, trying to find time to hang out with all the friends you've made, and so on. However it's not something I'll ever give up. I get to know everyone for who they can be, and I love it.

  8. Sit in the sun without sunscreen. Sorry, I just can't stand the stuff!


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