Saturday, August 28, 2010

Question of the Day #670

While brainstorming and plotting my newest novel idea, my friend, Nancy Lamb handed me a copy of The Art and Craft of Storytelling.

"Thank you so much. Mine is in storage," I said.

Her friend D, who had joined us in recalling historic events of the early 60's, said, "Isn't it strange how there's always some part of your life in storage?"

Patio furniture, the table I used to serve Sunday night dinners on at Mansfield, artwork, tableware and cookware clutter my storage unit, but what I miss most are my books.

An entire wall in Nancy's living room is cozied by books. More books walk you down the hall to her bedroom where more books line shelves.

Oh, how I miss my books.

What part of your life is in storage?



  1. Nothing away from our home anymore, thankfully. However, I am realising that most of the stuff in my closets, is stuff that I no longer need in my world. I feel a cull coming on.

  2. I would love to get lean in my life. There is so much stuff I never use and don't need. But books...oh, it pains me to let them go.

  3. When we got new floors put in our kitchen and living room we boxed up a whole bunch of stuff and put it in one of our out buildings. There it all sits to this day, 5 years later. The only boxes we unpacked were the books, even got a couple of new book cases to put them on. As for the rest of it...haven't missed any of it. That tells me loud and clear that I don't need/want any of it.

  4. Funny, I saw that as a completely existential question. Book ideas, childhood dreams, expectations...

    In a practical sense, I have nothing in storage, which to me means no access. I have a ton of stuff in my garage/workshop, but I can get to all of it, and frequently do.


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