Sunday, August 29, 2010

Question of the Day #671

Today, I'm returning home after a short trip to see family. As great as it is to enjoy time together, I find that coming home is always a pleasure. I get to pull clothing out of my drawers instead of a suitcase, eat food out of my fridge and of course, sleep in my own bed.

What do you like best about going home?



  1. Letting my guard down. While traveling, I feel like I am always "being careful" or "being safe" and looking out for myself. At home you can just let your guard down and chill and be comfy in the security of your home. I love it ever time.

  2. All the things you said plus two bathrooms.

  3. I like it all but especially sleeping in my own bed and taking a shower in my own bathroom. There's something special about having your own "things" around one.

  4. The smell. I'm sensitive to weird smells, so home is a blessing.

  5. Nothing beats crawling into your own bed!!

  6. One word: Internet.

    When I visit my mom - which is where I often go, it also being at the beach - I don't have reliable Internet access. Occasionally I tap into someone's wireless connection, or I can head to Starbucks, but coming home and being able to use the Internet with ease has now become the best part of coming home. Like today.


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