Thursday, August 19, 2010

Question of the Day #651

Thank you all for the good wishes. I'm feeling much better today. Especially since so many of you wrote in with great questions. Blogger Thomas provided a quote and a question:

"There are very few monsters who warrant the fear we have of them." -André Gide

What monster do you fear the most?

Good question. As I get older, I agree with André Gide more and more. I'm not afraid of a lot. Definitely not afraid of the biggies, you know, like death or being alone. A lot of writers are afraid of never being published, but I'm not afraid of that. That's not even a possibility.

In fact, people who act out of fear are a bit of a turn off to me. I think fear nourishes fear. And people who operate with a "But if I do that, this bad thing could happen," attitude seldom achieve anything.

But I'll get off my soapbox and answer Thomas' question. The scariest monster for me would be grave illness. Something long, drawn out and awful for everyone around me.

What about you?



  1. That would be mine also.
    Funny that we think somewhat alike ;)

  2. The scariest monster for me is any harm done to my children.

  3. You gotta be kidding! The scariest monster lives in your closet, which is why you should never go to bed at night with the closet door open.

  4. Once again, I'm with LD on this one...harm to my child.

  5. I'm glad you are feeling better. I have many fears - tough to narrow down the monster I fear the most. I'm likely to agree with you about the illness though...

  6. The scariest monster for me is skin cancer. I'm so freekin worried about it because of my lust for the sun.


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