Monday, June 7, 2010

Question of the Day #579

Let's clear up the mystery around yesterday's post.

1. Over the years, I have had over 40 roommates. TRUE. I had six roommates in college and then at least another 35 at Mansfield and in my other abodes in LA. Heck, I've still got 'em now.

2. I am an avid surfer and won the Women's title of the Huntington Beach Surf City Competition in 2006. FALSE. And clearly, I wasn't fooling any of you. I'm about as balanced as a seesaw.

3. My pupils are not round. They are shaped like upside down tear drops causing people on many occasions to scream, "Oh my god! You have cat eyes!" TRUE. They look like the picture below. Although those are not my eyes. Mine are brown. I lost the cord to download pics from my camera so I found this picture online.

4. My Great, Great, Great Grandfather was President of the Dominican Republic. TRUE. Ulises Espaillat served as President of the Dominican Republic from April 29, 1876 - October 5, 1876. His goal was to establish morality in a corrupt government. He was well supported by the public, but disliked by government officials (whose salaries and perks he cut) and he eventually asked to be relieved of office. Not sure what the real story was there.

5. I used to be buddies with Ryan Seacrest. TRUE. My roommates and I were buddies with him and his roommates. At the time, Ryan was a DJ at an LA radio station. He always worked Saturday nights, and unfortunately missed all our parties. So at party time, he would call the house and say, "What's happening now?" We'd give an update and he'd play it on the radio. He'd hype it up like "Ten girls in Hollywood are having a bash. Let's in check in." People kept calling the radio station asking, "Where's the party?" He'd never tell.

6. I have driven across the United States five times. TRUE. When you're from the East Coast but live on the West Coast, the cross country drive is a rite of passage. I love to roadtrip, so I've sizzled in Santa Fe hot springs, partied in New Orleans, visited a former roommie in Atlanta, watched Gator kiss a stranger on Cape Fear, broken down in Albuquerque, taken in the view at the Grand Canyon, camped in Arkansas, soul searched in Navajo territory, waded in the Smokey River and been stunned at the border in El Paso.

From this exercise, I've learned that coming up with true extreme facts about myself is not easy. What strange fact about yourself would you like to share?



  1. Those were super fun facts, Suzanne! I bet you have a lot of great stories and would be totally fun to hang out with!

    I'm not sure I have any strange facts about myself! I know! I rode in the trunk of a car once in college.

  2. Those were all wonderful stories! This was so fun to read.
    Let's see: I was almost trampled by a moose in Yellowstone and another time an African lion roared in my face.

  3. Kelly - What were you doing in the trunk of a car?!

    And Tricia - WOW! Almost trampling and roaring in your face sound too close for comfort!

  4. I have a condition known as Synesthesia where my mind sees letters & numbers as specific colors (for example - the name Suzanne is red) and time is a grid. It's hard to explain but it's really interesting.

  5. I think I have led a boring life.

  6. Aw shucks, I missed yesterdays post because I was on a plane - and would have loved to have guessed. LOL. Thanks for sharing!

  7. I've been to 44 out of the 50 states. I once "partied" with Ziggy Marley. When I was little, I looked so much like Vicki Stubing from the Love Boat that I was flocked by some crazy people at an airport asking for my autograph.

  8. Holy cow that's some list--even the true stuff is impressive!
    Random fun fact: I didn't learn how to tell time until I was in high school. Apparently we moved during that unit (2nd grade) and I missed it entirely and had to depend upon digital clocks.

  9. Very interesting stories, Suzanne. And if I remember correctly, I was roomate #2 in college:)

  10. hi Susan.
    I found your blog accidently and found out you have coloboma. I have it too. It's so strange because i felt real bond between us, even though i don't know you - maybe its because personally i don't know anyone with coloboma and i have feeling that sometimes, when i'm going through "why me?" phase, there is no-one that could truly understand me.
    So .. thank you for just being! :)


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