Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Question of the Day #594

J, one of my Jersey Girls, added a day to her business trip to LA, so last night we went out and had dinner at the beach. She's a fantastic excuse for me to take a mini mid-week vacation!

Are you expecting visitors this summer?



  1. Yes, my ILs, and in about 2 weeks. I am no way ready for them either. And yet, here I sit ...

  2. We had visitors a few weeks ago, but we will be out and about more this summer.

  3. No one is coming to visit this summer. At least not that we know about yet :)

  4. Nice! Hi Joanna! :-)

    No visitors this summer since I'm renovating my kitchen. I barely even want to live in my house right now! LOL.

  5. How cool! I'll take any excuse to chill with a friend.

    No visitors, and no visiting. We are strangely plan-free this summer.

  6. Yes! We are happily expecting our son and his wife with our special K! We had sailing friends over the last weekend and in July, my bffs from college are coming!!! Yippee
    AND at the end of the summer one more great visitor :)


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