Thursday, June 24, 2010

Question of the Day #595

After taking her to yoga, having the most amazing breakfast sandwich ever and taking a fabulous walk on a finally sunny beach, I took my visiting Jersey Girl to see a psychic yesterday.

There's a big fork in J's life road and after pulling a devil card, the psychic firmly told her which way to go. After predicting some upcoming events, J and the psychic discussed whch business ideas would be a good fit for her.

She left feeling confident and ready to kick butt.

A few months ago, I went to get a reading from the same person. She echoed a theme I've been hearing since the first time I visited a psychic when I was 17. And she told me to hurry and finish my WIP.

Yes Ma'am. I'm no fool. I'm finishing it.

How do you feel about visiting psychics?



  1. LOVING it! (But still waiting for that man to show...;)

  2. I once got a $5 reading in Times Square while killing time because I was curious how a stranger would cold read me. She appeared to be in her sixties, hairy warts sprouted from various points on her face, and her rolls of blubber stretched out a dress that looked like it was made from a sack. She also reeked as if she hadn't bathed in a month. I sat in a threadbare purple recliner for about five minutes while she bullshat on the phone in some Slavic language or other. Once she got off the phone, she spent the next five minutes trying to get me to upgrade to a $20 reading. When she realized I wasn't going for it, she merely said "you will be successful, but never rich." I remember thinking that was obviously true, as I had just thrown away five bucks.

  3. I used to love it, but lately, I've found myself avoiding them since I tend to misinterpret their predictions. My last visit was back when I had just finished writing my first manuscript and was starting to shop it around. The psychic said I'd be signing some important papers in January, so I got all excited, thinking the manuscript was going to sell. But what happened in January? Our next door neighbor became a mortgage broker, so we wound up refinancing our house, sure enough, signing lots of important papers.

  4. About twenty years ago my daughter took me to one down the shore. I didn't get it. I still don't get it, but it was a fun time to share with her;)

  5. My feeling is, whatever works . . .

  6. I believe in it 110% and that's why I've always been too scared to go. I so believe in it.

  7. No harm, no foul. If people believe in it, all the power to them. One of my best friends is a believer and feels she has psychic abilities. So much so, she has changed her career path from communications to become an energy healer (communications of a different sort, I guess). I support her 100%, because that is her belief.

    As much as I believe there are people who are sensitive to certain aspects of people and culture, and incredibly empathetic with human nature, I'm personally not a believer of psychics.

  8. I'm kind of with Tony on this one, but it didn't cost me $5 to get there. Trust me though, I've found lots of other ways to squander $5 bills.

  9. I think they're fun but nothing to plan your life around.

    Hmmm..."visit psychic" may go on my LA to do list.

  10. Never tried one, but I may have to after all these comments...


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