Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Question of the Day #580

Tally, the main character in my WIP, is a dancer. As I stated in yesterday's post, I am as balanced as a seesaw. So writing scenes in which she dances is hard.

I've talked with dance subject matter experts. I've struggled through Dancing With the Stars. Yesterday, I watched Flashdance. I've also recently seen Save the Last Dance, Center Stage and every other teen dance movie I can find.

How do you research whatever you're working on?



  1. I'm sooooo glad I live in the age of internet. I do watch movies, documentaries and youtube videos, because much of my story is underwater--a place I don't live.

  2. Since I am writing stories with characters just younger than me, such as 8th graders, I did my hands on research a few years ago going through 8th grade. Then I occasionally go back to my sister and see how things are going for her, to get the most recently version of something.

  3. Same way. Watch movies and immerse myself in the music of the period or place. I go to the library and research. Play music, sit in the sun with a cold something and let what flows flow over paper. I collect pencils.

  4. I would suggest to go to a dance studio that has classes for teens.
    Talk with the teacher. She'll know who has been dancing since she/he has been walking and has that gift and more so that dream. The dream/goal is the thing that makes it all happen:)
    Those young kids I'm sure will have plenty to say.

  5. By Googling, mostly. Good luck with the dance details! : )

  6. LOL. For the novel I'm outlining, I've had to do research on Latin dance. Same deal as you. I'm watching teen movies with dancing, dance reality shows, how to videos, and anything else I can find by googling.

  7. I like to think of myself as a research extraordinaire. I use databases, Google, Diigo and even Wikipedia. Oh, and sometimes, I like to poll via Facebook. Of course, that's not true research but it gives me the lead I need to get the right keywords.

  8. For the novel I'm working on, I can only say the research I've done online would have taken me a year to glean all the information that's made the book possible.

    I go to Google and Wikipedia and follow the leads they provide.

  9. I use the Internet a lot, as well as watch wildlife, since a lot of my stuff is about animals.


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