Friday, June 25, 2010

Question of the Day #596

A friend of mine posted this FB status last night: Best advice I've heard tonight from a very drunk European woman with a stodgy-looking husband: "Never marry a man who won't give you a piggyback ride."

Great advice. If he's not willing to haul me around on his back once in a while, he's not ready for me.

If I were to dole out such advice, I would say, "Never marry someone who doesn't read your work."

May sound trite, but I have had more than one boyfriend who didn't want to read my writing. (Obviously, they're exes.)

How would you complete the following sentence?

"Never marry someone who ______________."



  1. Never marry someone who won't eat a slice of pizza and drink a beer with you.

  2. Never marry someone who doesn't share your sense of humor.

  3. Never marry someone who doesn' let you be you!

  4. Never marry someone other than your BFF.

  5. Never marry someone who doesn't compromise.

  6. Never marry anyone who isn't your best friend. I married my best friend -- we celebrated our 33rd aniversary earlier this month.

  7. Tries to change you bit by bit. It's a sign of bigger things to come when you get married.

  8. Haha,made me laugh! During the time we were engaged, we were at a picnic. I said, "Give me a piggyback ride!" He crouched in front of me. I hopped on his back and he promptly fell over! So much for him piggybacking me. (And he did outweigh me by 30 pounds then. I've narrowed the gap since then.)

  9. Okay, the BFF one is already taken.

    Never marry someone who weighs less than you.

    Seriously, whose jeans are you going to borrow during the first two trimesters of pregnancy (and right after you give birth)if your hubby is skinnier than you? ;)

  10. Never marry someone who doesn't make you laugh every single day.


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