Thursday, June 17, 2010

Question of the Day #589

I've blogged about how my WIP needs an ending. This morning, blogger Lisa D came to the rescue! Here's what she emailed me:

btw... I was going to suggest the following ending for your book:

There is a quiver at the core of the Earth. The quiver quickly escalates to a sway, to a tremor, to a violent convulsing of the ground. Tally screams, "to the rocket ship girls!" As the girls jump into the rocket ship made from old keg barrels, smoke and debris cloud Tally's backyard. The girls zoom up to the safety of the moon as the world explodes.

Just a suggestion.

Ohhh...that made me laugh. It's still making me laugh. I'll probably laugh over it all day.

What funny person brightens up your life?



  1. My wife and Ryan G. The three of us lived together for a year and we all have the same sense of humor. To this day I still laugh out loud when someone bends over and the wife makes a farting sound. Hahaha!

  2. My stepdaughter. Even when she's being a drama queen she still makes me smile. And you of course :-P

  3. Hee, hee... Oh LD, you are a funny girl! My funny little girl brightens my world. Just yesterday I asked her to say "boat" in Spanish and she said "boat in Spanish". :)

  4. My boss. She friggin cracks me up.

  5. As much as I am pretty good at providing myself with humour throughout the day, I sometimes appreciate input from others.

    I have a colleague who shares the same dark sense of humour as I have. We're always sending each other links to stupid videos, images, newstories, etc. Yesterday, she sent me a link to a newstory about a dude in Germany who mooned the Hells Angels, threw a puppy at them, and then took off in a front end loader. Our conversations just generally go in a downward spiral of ridiculousness. :)

  6. My husband. He can be goofy funny or clever witty funny. And of course the kids.

  7. Oh! You won my contest, Suz! Email or message me your address and I'll ship the books to you!

  8. Yippee Kelly! I'm so excited!!! I can't wait to read those books. You rock! Thank you. Wow. I never win anything. Now I'm a winner twice in one week. Thank you Universe!

  9. So I take it you're not using it. That's cool. Maybe it can be an alternative ending when the movie comes out on DVD. I'm hopeful.

    You make me giggle too!

  10. Ha! Reminds me of the ending of Joey's play on that one episode of Friends.

    My hubby is the funny person who brightens up my life.


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