Friday, February 26, 2010

Question of the day #478

So my friend, Matt, posted the picture above on Facebook with the caption "My new nameplate." Hilarious. Because whatever he's thinking is usually pretty obvious.

Of course, the picture made me wonder what my nameplate would say.

Sure I could go with Dr. Writer or Dr. Cook because those are things I do well, but I'm thinking about something more sarcastic, like Dr. Subtle. Because I'm about as a subtle as a neon sign. Or Dr. Hungry because I'm always hungry.

What would your nameplate say?



  1. Same as your phd student, Dr. Obvious...

  2. N has already given me a title:
    Domestic Supervisor (DS)

  3. Dr. Noncommital or Dr. Prosecco.

  4. Dr. Inappropriate Comment at the Wrong Time

  5. I have a sign in my classroom that says, "I am the Czarina. Welcome to my world." I'm not Russian or anything; I just like the way Czarina sounds like a classy dictatorial princess. Let's 'em know whose in charge.


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