Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Question of the Day #461

Little J has her own language. When someone mentions something they should have kept in the vault and the silence gets prickly, she sing songs, "AWK."

When she's in absolute agreement she says, "Totes b'goats." (Her version of "totally.")

She calls dinner "dins" and men "the mens" and if someone is drunk, they're "crunkfaced." (And you better believe I put that one in my latest draft.)

I am learning to speak Little J. Even though it's totally confusing and I feel like the dinosaur old lady trying to be cool.

At least I know enough not to wear skinny jeans at 37.

Anyhoo, do you know anyone who speaks their own language? What weird words have you had to decipher lately?



  1. I think you and H are still trying to decipher the lingo from that one night at Sonny's when H wrote down everything that made you guys laugh.

    ...don't forget to play the hand fans!

  2. The other day I was saying someone was Debbie Downer, and someone replied, "Yeah he's totally Buzz Killington." So funny. That was a new one to me.

  3. My oldest daughter had the toughest time saying 'remote control' when she was little. She tried, but it always came out 'mocha natrol'. She's sixteen now, and has two younger siblings, and everyone still looks for the mocha natrol to change the channels on the tv.

  4. When my son was just learning to talk, every time he saw a bird or a plane, he'd point at it and exclaim, "Dodju!" We were baffled, since it sounded nothing like either of the words! But he was very consistent about it!


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