Saturday, February 13, 2010

Question of the Day #465

B and I watched a good chunk of the Olympic Opening Ceremonies last night. It was amazing to watch as 82 countries came together.

Things that struck me:

1. Team Japan waving not only the Japanese flag, but the Canadian flag. A lovely tribute to the host!

2. Pakistan's one athlete. The fact that Pakistan is competing for the first time, right now, is pretty amazing. It shows that the Olympics is about so much more than sports.

3. The Georgian team. I wanted to cry for them.

4. The music. The music was really lovely.

We feel asleep when Nelly Furtado and Brian Adams hit the stage. (NOT the music I referenced above. I was referring to the actual score.) It's on the DVR, so we will watch the rest later.

What did you find interesting about last night's opening ceremonies?



  1. We missed it. I recorded it but sitting down to watch 4-1/2 hours of TV is somewhat overwhelming. I love the opening ceremonies though. Always so moving.

  2. I was working on my master's project and fell asleep....

  3. I watched a bit of the beginning & a bit towards the end. I'll watch bits & pieces as I have time. (I feel as though everything I watch these days is recorded)From what I saw, it was very nice.

  4. I loved the snowboard run down the mountian, through the maple leaf and.... the continuation at the actual ceremony. The scenery is amazing!

  5. I didn't watch it, but my husband did. Mentioned something about some dancers having to stand in one spot and dance for an hour or so. I should be watching because I love the Games, but got bummed hearing about the luge guy. :(

  6. Being a Canadian, I was interested in seeing the interpretation of what Canada is. I was also interested in what artists and representatives would be present. I was TOTALLY pleased with the choices...and had forgotten what a truly amazing vocalist KD Lang is. :)

  7. We totally missed the opening ceremonies--I'm bummed, but hubby is trying to find at least some of it online somewhere.


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