Monday, February 15, 2010

Question of the Day #467

This question is brought to you by the letters L and D:

What made you proud today?

I'm proud of B for being cheerful and sweet even when his head is killing him and he was up coughing all night.



  1. It's been a very loooooong holiday weekend during which my three kids have excelled at fighting. Even though it's only !:51 p.m., I'm proud of myself for not already turning to drink.

  2. I was proud of myself for walking into the periodontist's office and not crying.

  3. N made me proud by telling me that I didn't need to offer reasons why I decided not to drive 3 hrs to see my sick grandma today.

    K made me proud for playing very well with the cat today.

    I made myself proud for taking the first important steps to forgiving someone who recently hurt my feelings.

  4. My husband made me proud when I came home and the washer, dryer, and dishwasher were all going.

    I am proud of myself for landing that awesome new job! :-)

  5. I'm proud of myself for handling a very over-tired 2 year old with lots of patience & love.

  6. Today and everyday that I am sober, clear headed and moving on....

  7. Yesterday I was proud for coming into work a half-day even though it was a holiday and then going to workout because I have been slacking on that.


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