Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Question of the Day #475

What questions do you have for me?



  1. Hi Beck! That is a GREAT question, since I am at B's right now but will be home for dinner tonight and I have no idea what is in my fridge. I'm guessing there is not a lot. So I will probably have to whip up something unexpected at the last minute.

  2. Why, oh why, did I just inhale those 3 reese's mini peanut butter cups????

  3. Is that a real question, Kristen? Sounds more like a fact of life. I think I'll go inhale a few cookies now.

    Favorite cookie? And share the recipe?

  4. Oh Kristen, Sarah has a point here, if the Reese's are there, we will eat them, right?

    At least I will. And I'm guessing you ate them for the same reason.

    Sarah, my favorite cookies are oatmeal raisin. The shape is roundish but not perfect since oatmeal is clumpy.

    Funny because, B, which stands for BAKER, has yet to make me my favorite oatmeal raisin cookies. HINT, HINT.

    Thank you for the platform. ; )

  5. Fair enough Sarah and Suzanne. Here's a real question then: Do you enjoy going to the gym or hate going to the gym?

  6. Kristen - I haven't gone to the gym since I was like 24 years old. I didn't work out for most of my late 20's and early 30's and when I moved to the hills I began to walk there. There were hidden staircases and inclines that made my heart pound. It was awesome. Now that I don't live there anymore, I walk on the beach. But it's flat and not much of a workout. Little J took me hiking in a canyon last week where we could see all the way to the snow covered mountains in San Gabriel to Catalina Island. Stunning. But I had to stop three times on the way up because I'm so out of shape.

    Sooo, I enjoy a good hike but it's not so convenient anymore. As for gyms, haven't been in years, so I can't really say. You?

  7. Did we do, What's your favorite cookie already? I vote for Ginger Snaps, and there's an awesome recipe on Epicurious that uses crystallized ginger. Yumm, Yumm, but they are like Reese's. If they're there, I'll eat them!

  8. Yes, Grammilou! We did ask the cookie question, brought on of course, by B, the baker. http://suzannecasamento.blogspot.com/2009/12/question-of-day-403_13.html

    Your ginger snapps sound dangerously delicious!

  9. If you could shift one paradigm/change one aspect of our modern society, what would it be?

  10. Well hello, Simply V. What happened to what's your favorite cookie? ; )

    Well, if I could change one aspect of modern society (although it's probably the oldest conflict ever) I'd like to see holy wars come to an end. I think violence over religious beliefs are the most dangerous conflicts on earth and the largest obstacles to world peace.

    Ginger Snap anyone?

  11. Here's to the ginger snap!!! I usually do not like them BUT they saved my "cookies" on our last sailing trip in January. High seas which haven't bothered me in the past, had me "diving" for the GINGER snaps:)

    What were we saying about world peace?
    Full belly with a job would achieve this.
    Simple but a concept that is beyond our elected officials.

  12. Gym? I dread going, and love it once I'm there. Got a fab workout in today. It's too snowy here to hike or walk outside today.

    Favorite cookie? Too many to choose from. White chocolate coconut macadamia? Lemon cooler? Choco chip?

    What would I change in modern society? That human nature is to migrate towards things that are familar, and reject differences. Humans tend to dislike or reject things that are different, and I wish we could embrace those differences more. And then maybe holy wars wouldn't happen so much?

  13. Sorry, I was just listening to coverage of Olympic hockey...it makes me think big, global, change the world thoughts.

    Oh, and it's a good thing that cookie question came up again. I forgot to mention shortbread in my original answer to that question -- and it's been bugging me, so I'm glad I've had a chance to sort that out.

  14. Simply V. - Yay for the Olympics! The greatest symbol of world peace. And cheers to shortbread cookies! Yum.

    Beck - As a follow up to your question, I just ate shrimp sauteed with spinach, garlic, grape tomatoes and red pepper flakes for dinner. What did you have? ; )

  15. Hi Yvonne! Thanks for visiting. I sing. That's a great question. I think I will ask it tomorrow. Thanks!

    Your soup recipe from Question #473 sounds delicious. And the fact that you're into raw milk makes me want to be your BFF. : )

  16. What's your favorite Girl Scout cookie flavor?

  17. Samoas. Do they still make Samoas? Those coconut covered caramel chocolately things that are way more like candy than cookies? Those are my faves.

  18. What other celebrity hotties do you see at the grocery store besides Jared Leto? (and what was in his cart?) :)

  19. Hi Kelly! Thanks for the question! Hmm...the grocery store, in particular, that's a tuffy. I saw the guy who plays Tom Scalvo, (Doug Savant) on Desperate Housewives, at the grocery store.

    Hmm. I'll have to think about this. I must have seen famous people at Whole Foods. At least some actors - I remember a woman who was in HBO's Tell Me You Love Me.

    Jared Leto didn't have a cart. He had a camera, he was shooting something. (Weird thing about Jared Leto is that I also saw him in a pizza place and another time walking down Melrose Ave.) Strange when you see the same celeb a number of times.

    And I don't remember what was in Doug Savant's cart but I do remember bumping his cart with mine and doing that whole "Excuse me, I'm sorry" thing.

    Anybody else run into celebs in the grocery store?

    Oh, H and I ran into Bruce Willis (literally) in the parking lot at the farmer's market. Does that count? We'd had a couple cocktails by then and giggled, "Oh my god, that's Bruce Willis!" like he couldn't hear us even though he'd practically eaten H's purse.

    He smiled and laughed at us. It was very funny.

  20. Oh, yeah~they still make Samoas. My troop sells almost as many of them as Thin Mints. But then, maybe that's my family's consumption tipping the numbers.

  21. OMG! I love Tom! He is such a dork but his heart is usually in the right place, once he is reminded of where it should be. Lynette is a saint anyway you slice it. So much fun to have seen him. How come I never get to see anyone :(


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