Thursday, February 25, 2010

Question of the Day #477

My main character needs to leave the house. Sounds silly, right? She lives in a party house. People come to her. Her conflict is internal, with her, at home. So why should she leave?

Because it's boooooring.

One of the members of my fabulous critique group pointed it out. And it's true. She has to leave the house sometime.

The question is, where will she go?

If you were 17, in a small town and your parents were away for the summer, where would you go?



  1. The shore of course....Skip Seaside and go to Cape May...

  2. The beach, the beach, the beach...

  3. I'd probably hang out at friend's houses a lot. The beach definitely, also long hikes or bike rides. Possibly jump in the car for weekend trips to see distant friends or family.

  4. the beach,the Mall, Movie theater, dance classes? hair salon, computer class, beer/wine making class, hee hee! babysitting?

  5. Wow, away for the whole summer? I was never so lucky, but some things I did when I was 17 were: going running with my girlfriend, but filling a water bottle full of vodka to sip on afterwards; bringing Zimas to the movie theater and cringing as a bottle escapes and rolls downhill to the front of the theater; getting a fake ID in the City and when the clerk says I look awfully young to be buying alcohol, I smile at the compliment and say "I'll be thankful when I'm 30."

    As you can see, this is when I first started getting into party-mode. It's always funner when forbidden.

  6. Love the Zimas (Zimas HA!) at the movie theater and the vodka after running! My BFF, T Scarp and I used to drink some sort of Italian alcohol, that tasted like black licorice, in the bathroom during ballet class.

    I also, quite literally, lived at my friends houses. It was nice to get "family" time over there.

  7. Anywhere! Road trip to the nearest big city for a night, visit a college town where a friend's older sister is staying, lake or beach!

  8. Well, I don't know where she is but: swimming hole, bowling alley, library, convenience store, arcade, park with swings...

  9. Is money an issue? If not, London. She needs to go shopping on Carnaby Steet. :-D


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