Friday, February 19, 2010

Question of the Day #471

Dear Cold,

I do not appreciate the way you've invaded my brain and made it fuzzy. Because of you, I couldn't remember A5's chicken parm sandwich, chicken penne, jalapeno poppers and chips and guacamole last night, resulting in unhappy customers and a teeny weeny tip.

You've made my nose run, caused coughing eruptions, burning eyes and cloggy ears. And I won't even start about the damage you've done to B. I really wish you would go away.

So please do.


If you could write a "later!" letter to somebody or something, what would it read like?



  1. Dear Theresa,

    You are miserable to work with. You are mean, inconsiderate and just plain tacky. Your grammar is atrocious and you use words that don't even exist. Since you're nearing retirement age, maybe you should start looking for a nice cozy retirement community far, far away.


  2. S, So Sorry You Have A Miserable Cold!!!

  3. Dear Cable News Networks,

    In Journalism 101 I was taught the definition of journalism is a direct presentation of the facts without an attempt at interpretation. Oh my dearest Cable News, I believe you would receive a big, fat F in that class. You do not provide a platform for reporting truth or the information we need and deserve. The result, a constant flow of political spin disguised as news.

    By withholding information and/or imparting your own opinion on the events of the day, you are cheating the American people of the truth. Bottom line: We are education Americans who are willing and able to come to our own conclusions. Give us the credit we deserve.

    Just go away, you big dummies. Let someone else who could actually pass a Journalism class, give us our information.

    All my love,
    Lisa D

    Wow. See what happens when you take my computer away! Oye.

  4. Oh, I'm sure it would be political, so I can't post it because I don't want to piss anyone off.


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