Sunday, February 14, 2010

Question of the Day #466

B and I just go back from the farmer's market. There were cRaZy veggies there. Amazing kale and gorgeous greens. I scooped up a couple bunches of broccoli rabe, some red, purple and white baby potatoes and the sweetest oranges on the planet.

Then I picked up what I thought was a parsnip, but it turns out it was a daikon radish. The seller cut off a piece for us to chomp on.

"That's way better than a regular radish," said B, who wasn't particularly in love with the radishes I roasted with root veggies last week.

The daikon radish was sweeter and milder than a traditional radish. I liked it.

What new food have you discovered recently?



  1. Duck. Pretty tasty. Had deer recently. Did not like it...

  2. My discoveries usually come during the spring after a trip to the farmer's market. Like you, I got to taste some pretty awesome radish choices. I also tried some amazing garlic scape recipes, a variety of local honeys (like wild mint), and some organic grass-fed beef. I have yet to be disappointed. Oh, and this past summer from our own garden, we harvested a lot of beet greens for salad - yummy and beautiful.

  3. Funny, I don't like regular radishes so much (even more ironic since it's a big German thing and I'm of 100% German heritage) but I looovvve daikon radish. I cook mostly Asian food so I've had the pleasure of cooking with fresh daikon radish. Mmmmm.

    New foods? Well since I'm a huge foodie and eat & cook constantly that's a tough question for me. One thing I did experiment with this morning is pancakes - I swapped out half the white flour for whole wheat flour and put frozen blueberries on the one side... what I learned is that I can be more aggressive with my whole wheat-ness and next time I will do like 3/4 wheat flour if not all wheat.

    Farmers markets rule - I always find interesting things there. Too bad we are far from spring in NJ (evidenced by the 18 inches of snow I got last week).

    Soooo now that I've read your post, I am even more anxiously awaiting spring so that I can visit my local farmers markets. :-)

  4. That's so funny...the daikon is my new food too! I just cooked it for the first time this week (simmered in a little mirin, soy sauce & water...YUM!). I've recently switched to a vegan diet and I'm finding all sorts of new fun foods.

  5. I think it was breadfruit, that I tried in St Martin. Not alot of taste and the texture was OK. I also had an unidentified fruit with breakfast. A small round half fruit thing, green skin, yellow shell and some gelatinous something with seeds in the center. I worked the seeds out of my mouth, too big and not good but the jello inside tasted good! Very strange. Any ideas anyone?


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