Monday, February 1, 2010

Question of the Day #453

My computer is driving me cRaZy. B gave me a nano for Christmas an every time try to install the latest iTunes on my laptop, my computer goes haywire. It's been installing forever.

My laptop recently got a virus. Then a few months ago I had another one and the Geek Squad did a system reboot. Before that the keyboard died and I had to get that replaced.

It's about four years old. Maybe it's time to get a new one, but that's financially laughable. (Can you hear me cackling from there?)

What about you? How long do you keep computers before you replace them? When is it time to get a new one?



  1. Funny you ask. I rebuilt my home computer last week (after about 5 years) and I'm rebuilding my work computer right now. My work computer lasts for less than a year always... but I'm an IT person and always installing & testing random things. My home computer fares much better. But I did spend about 10 hours on it last week.

  2. We've had an interesting year for computers. We decided to buy me my own laptop, get me off of the older "family" computer and let the kids use that - and store our music and photos on it. Six months later, it's dead and we had to replace it anyway. Ugh. My husband is pretty techy, so he gets itchy after three years.

  3. My computer is a year old & for the money I spent on her, I hope to have her for a long, long time (knock wood).

  4. Good question. You would think a computer could last longer than 4 years, they are expensive! But it does seem that we have replaced at least one computer at least every 4-5 years. Bummer! It doesn't seem fair!


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