Thursday, February 4, 2010

Question of the Day #456

My friend L posted this status update on Facebook last night: "Has gone one month without eating a burrito...amazing."

I have gone one month (sadly, actually more) without hiking.

What have you gone one month without? (Not necessarily this past month - we're talking ever here.)



  1. I went 17 years without eating a bowl of cereal. I hated milk for that long. I just ate my first bowl a week ago. :)

  2. Well, you better get to Griffith Park or R. Canyon....Or Altadena for that matter...My life is too routine with kids.

  3. A beer -- maybe. It's been about that long.

  4. Brushing my teeth.

    Ewwwweee! No. No. No. Just kidding.

    Well, haven't gone out with friends in over a month. Actually, I've barely gone out without the kids in the last month. Yikes!

  5. I went 6 months without caffiene once. Terrible.

    In this past month, I have gone without cheese (and therefore am now without 7 lbs!).

  6. During the whole child creation, incubation, and nursing process, I went without caffeine, fish/shellfish, soft cheeses, and alcohol. Twas a looongg time and I got especially twitchy during Christmases.

    This past month I've not watched a movie. Haven't gone to the gym either.

  7. Are you getting ready for Lent? :)
    There's plenty that I've gone without for more than a month, but nothing that I miss. Well, I actually do miss the ice cream. Must add that to the grocery list...


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