Saturday, May 30, 2009

Question of the Day #206

I'm so excited! My friend K, the ultimate party planner, is having her ultimate kiddie birthday party today. Cotton candy machine, popcorn maker, margarita machine (Did I say "kiddie"?) and a bouncy castle!

Yes, she's a grown, married woman. But her birthday wish was for her and all her BFFs to enjoy a day of stressless, ridiculous, bouncy, kidlike fun. And I'm all for it!

So as I get ready to head out, I'm wondering, what would your ultimate birthday party entail?



  1. Hmm, my utimate birthday party would definetly involve my best friend Jose Cuervo, a private beach and ALL of my favorite people!

  2. Yeah, a private beach for me too with close friends and family to celebrate.

  3. Any party would do for me. I turned 40 last year and my husband did nothing. I was really bummed.

  4. My ultimate birthday sounds a bit ungrateful: no phone calls, no presents, no people, just a day when I can put aside worrying about everyone else and just have a total "alone-day"!

  5. Happy Birthday to K! Wishing her a lot of joy and blessings as she steps into another year. I'm afraid that I'm not a big party person. So the ultimate birthday party would be with my family and close friends.

  6. My perfect b-day party would be with my "kiddies"!
    :) I like them.


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