Friday, May 29, 2009

Question of the Day #205

The shift keys on my laptop are not working. It started a couple days ago. They were working intermittently, but now they are dead. So, to start a sentence, I press caps lock. They hardest part is symbols. Like signing in, I had to cut and paste the @ symbol. And the # symbol in title of today's question.

That means no quotation marks, which when you're working on a novel, is laughable. So, I'm heading to the Geek Squad, again, where they will determine whether the problem is software, which I'm praying for, or hardware. If it's hardware, they'll send the computer out to be fixed, which will take approximately 10 days.

10 days without a computer. Can you imagine 10 days without Questions? 10 days without writing? Working? Blogging? Reading the news? Checking the weather?

How does the idea of not having your computer for 10 days affect you?



  1. oh dear. that is not good. i would not be good. although i'd be worst without my blackberry.

  2. Home computer - No problem, I'd love it. Back to the days of acutally picking up the phone to communicate with someone.

    Work computer - Yikes. My phone would be ringing constantly!!

  3. WHAT?! TEN DAYS WITHOUT YOUR BLOG?! That's horrid. I hope it's software!!

    Me without my computer for 10 days would be like Hell on earth. My job revolves around computers and I bring my little MacBook into work so that I can surf the web/listen to music in the free times/breaks. I also use my baby when I'm at home after/before work. It's like my little stereo. I hardly go anywhere without it!

    Yeah. That is depressing me thinking about being without it. I really hope you don't have to go without it for that long!!

  4. That is a long time! When I go away on vacation, I enjoy the no computer time, but being at home without a computer would be tough! But my house would be a LOT cleaner!

  5. The horror! I guess I'd just force myself to look at it as a vacation. You'll be able to catch up on reading, organizing, etc. If your house didn't already look so perfect, it might even be a good time to paint something. That's probably what I'd do, anyway. Hope it's a quick fix!

  6. 10 days without a computer totally freaks me out. I suppose I'd treat it as a vacation. Um, I'll miss you!

  7. I have had to replace the keyboard on my laptop twice in the last 3 years. One time was because the spacebar wasn't working right -- holy annoying! So I feel your pain sistah!

    I would secretly love to be without a computer for 10 days. I lived without them once, I can do it again! :D

  8. Oh my. My computer is my communication with the outside world! It makes me feel human. Yikes. Something is very wrong with that.

    Oh Geek Squad! Save Suzie's computer!!

  9. I'm glad I'm not alone in saying that my house would be cleaner, laundry would be organized and maybe I'd get to bed a bit earlier. Although I love my computer, I'm much more productive when it's off.
    ps...I hope it's a quick and painless fix.

  10. Oh, no! I wouldn't even want to think about it. I am used to my PC ;). Ten days seem too long. I hope your laptop will get fixed soon, Suzanne.

  11. *)*&^?:$%#@*& Terrible!!! considering I check email 4 times a day, the weather twice at least, catch up on the news! and what about spider solitaire?? Oh this is REALLY bad :(


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