Friday, May 8, 2009

Question of the Day #184

Yesterday I got a huge cooler full of Omaha Steaks from my Auntie Maria. Filet Mignon, burgers, pork chops, sirloin, dogs, potatoes au gratin and sole stuffed with crab and scallops.

Holy cow! Literally.

So yesterday, N and I had filet mignon and potatoes au gratin for lunch and the most delicious hot dogs ever for dinner. It was like a holiday.

And I have enough food for the next month. What a cool gift for a foodie like me! It used to be that sending cards and flowers were a crazy big deal, but now it seems like you can order anything for anyone anywhere. So what cool gifts have you sent someone you love?



  1. Wow ... what a gift!!!! Sounds yummy!

  2. Funny that this is the question. It's not a gift I gave but one I received today. In the mail I got a gift certificate for an overnight at a spa! It is an anniversary/mother's day gift from my husband. He's been plotting and scheming with one of my friends (who will be coming with me). They picked out spa treatments, exercise classes and even made dinner reservations! I can't tell you how surprised, happy, excited and thrilled I am! I feel so lucky and so so so spoiled!

  3. That's an awesome gift!
    I don't think I've sent anything very creative lately, but I do have some baby gifts to buy - those are always fun to shop for. :)

  4. I send huckleberry products to people all the time. You can't find them most places, but where I live, everything is huckleberry. The taffy is a big hit.

    Very cool about all the meat -- enjoy!

  5. Now I'm all bummed I thawed out chicken for dinner tonight. Yummy stuff--enjoy! : )

  6. I've seen those commercials for the Omaha steaks and I always wondered if they made the trip okay. It's good to know they still taste good when you get them :^)

    I haven't sent anything wonderful recently, except my manuscript to an editor that requested it :^)

  7. Bought some packets of Sarawak black peppercorn and Bintulu belachan ( shrimp paste) from Kuching for foodie friends.
    Sarawak grows lots of pepper and I'm told Bintulu
    belachan really spices up the asian dishes that require belachan. Some do not like the smell but to others, .. heavenly, unmistakeable!

  8. I don't think that I have been creative lately! I usually buy some gifts I think my beloved ones need the most at the particular time. My kids gift on my last birthday was very creative to me. A self-made craft with poem surely brightens up the day. Have a great week :)


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