Monday, May 25, 2009

Question of the Day #201

In the U.S., today is Memorial Day, which commemorates the men and women who have died while serving in our military.

How is the holiday observed around you? Do you do anything special to honor those men and women?



  1. Memorial Day is a big deal in my town. Our morning started with a pancake breakfast at Stella's school followed by a huge parade lasting 2+ hours. Local service men and woman march to huge applause. It's quite moving. Having 3 loved ones getting ready to ship out on their 2nd tours makes me extra patriotic and insanely emotional.

    It's also the kick off of summer! The air is filled with the divine smell of BBQs and the margaritas are being passed around. Woohoo!

  2. When we lived in BR(late 80's), W used to get me to go to the parade in town. ( That was probably my only day off or partially off for the week, but I went, at first, to please and be with him. And then the reality of the "holiday" sunk in. After a few years I found myself buying small flags to hand out to the cheering crowds who deminished as the years went by. That i very sad. We don't have a parade here in R, Vt. I wonder why?

  3. lisa d!!!!
    I be coming to your town next year!! ;)
    Love your beautiful Stella!

  4. My wife called her stepfather to thank him for being willing to shoot people. I thought the same thought for my late dad. We're both very thankful for the people who protect and serve this country. Not something I was willing to do myself. Not something I would be able to do anyway since I've been an out lesbian since I was 17.

    L.A. had the marathon today. We didn't go anywhere.

  5. We have similar national days here in Indonesia. Usually there are a lot of activities to honor these brave men and women. But I think the most important part is that I try to live my life at the fullest in honor of their courageous deeds. It would be a shame to waste such a great sacrifice.

  6. We watches some of the Memorial Day services on TV and discussed what they meant with my children. I thought a lot about some of the people that I used to know in the service who have since died.

  7. I simply live free & give thanks to those whom I both know & don't know for providing me & my countrymen with this beautiful gift. Live Free or Die!


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