Friday, May 1, 2009

Question of the Day #177

Now that was a good party.

After a "Suzie Special" pizza, an abundance of friends, a fabulous champagne toast, lots of crazy talk, and overwhelming donations to "The New Jeans Fund," I found myself at the beach, barefoot at 4:00 AM. The giant waves crashed white, booming in the darkness.

And I felt calm. Actually peaceful. And I thought about all the times I've sought solace in the ocean, whether singing into it late at night, sunbathing in its sand, praying while studying its currents or writing to its music.

Just like the treehouse when I was a kid, as an adult, the ocean is where I have always gone to soothe my soul. Where do you go?



  1. Either into nature or into my artwork -- sometimes a bit of both.

    Glad you had a great birthday!

  2. The ocean is my first choice, but when I can't get away, it's the latest book I'm reading and/or my artwork.

  3. The ocean, always the ocean.

  4. Yes, the ocean is definitely one place I find solace but I also get a strange sense of calm at the gym. With earbuds in, music blaring and my heart pumping everything else dissolves and I have blazing focus.

  5. I'm glad to read that you had a great time on your birthday, Suzanne. The ocean would be a lovely place to soothe the soul. But I don't have the privilege living near the ocean, so it would be going to a place of my beloved ones or doing some relaxing activities at home sweet home. Have a great weekend :)

  6. The mountains. But when I can't make it there I meditate.

  7. The beach, absolutely. But when I'm really distraught, like really, really bad off and struggling, I go to my mom's cabin, up in Crestline, and hide out.

  8. I no longer live near the ocean, but we go up to Glacier NP a lot. Nothing soothes my soul better than kayaking to a secluded area, putting my feet into the water and just kicking back. It's not a crowded park, so I don't have to worry about speed boats. It's really peaceful there.


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