Thursday, May 14, 2009

Question of the Day #190

My friend Rob acted in a television pilot, "Captain Alpha Male." And we're really hoping it gets picked up. Here's a trailer:

Rob is the fine black man sporting an eye patch. We've been friends a long time and I'm wishing very good things for him.

So, are you sending good energy to someone in hopes that they achieve one of their dreams?



  1. Good luck to your friend, Rob!

    If I have any good energy right now, it's all going to my girls. My oldest will be leaving for Maui/Asia soon and my second oldest will be starting college in FL this fall.

  2. Got tons of writer friends I'm doing this for. And I'll add your Rob to the list. How cool!

  3. Carrie, I thought of you as I watched the trailer. All the characters are superheroes! : )

  4. Like Carrie, I've been wishing for me and my writer friends to achieve our dreams. Good luck to Rob!

  5. Great title! I hope it works out for him. Please keep us posted.

    My little brother might become a model. He interviewed with a big agency yesterday, so I'm pulling for him here. If he gets hired, it'll be a huge relief, since he's accumulated quite the mountain of student loans while going to school at NYU.

  6. Good energy is the name of the game. With out it we are lost. Breath and exhale, how simple and yet so powerful.

  7. Ah! Love it! Rob with an eye patch. Excellent!

    I have many people who I am sending positive energy toward. To name a few, um, you, Suzie Q, my friend Seth who is waiting to hear about a broadcasting job in Vegas and my husband who has been literally working day and night on some major new business opportunites.

    I love rooting my friends on! (Well, duh, I guess we all do.) It kind of plays into my whole sports fanatic thing. It's your team, you know? You want to see your people rise to new heights and achieve their dreams. Hmm, maybe I should name my team. I'll get on it.

    Good luck to all of our teams!

  8. Looks like a funny show!
    Good luck to your friend!
    I'm sending good job related thoughts to my hubby and good health thoughts to my mil.

  9. Good luck to Rob!!! Totally funny!

    I'm sending good vibes to all my friends looking for work because there are way too many and it makes me very sad and affects me every single day.

  10. I wish your friend all the best. They filmed an entire movie at my sister's house and then the film dropped off the map and has never been heard from since. I was so sad. I am wishing the best right now for a couple of blogging friends who are having trouble with finances.

  11. Excellent analogy Lisa D. You're right, our friends are our teams. Yay to everyone for supporting their teams! Let's keep it up!

  12. Funny! Hope this works out for Rob!

    Great post, Suzanne. It's important to support our friends in what they love to do.

  13. Good luck for your friend Rob! Hope everyone of us achieve their dreams. It needs good friends to support each other, and I hope for being one :)


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