Saturday, May 16, 2009

Question of the Day #192

I am having the most relaxing vacation of my life.

You know how sometimes you go on vacation and you're so caught up in sightseeing and activities or partying that you never actually rest? And then you get home and need a vacation from your vacation?

Since arriving in Palm Springs, we have done nothing but hang out by the pool, nap, eat, and zone out to horrible reality TV. After hiking Yosemite, flying back and forth to Honolulu and celebrating H's birthday, this is absolute Lazyheaven.

In fact, I even asked N if we can stay here forever. Sadly, he said, "no."

So what's your vacation style? Do you laze around? Take every tour in town? Party it up?



  1. Party at night! Laze during the day!

  2. I stroll around the area and enjoy mother nature. Breathing in some fresh air which is not much of a privilege in my town. Ow, that makes me want to go on vacation again. I have been suffering from sinusitis this two days, but feeling much better now.

  3. I enjoy discovering a place, so am on the go! Especially if the vacation is short. When it's evening, time to unwind with a nice meal.
    Rosidah,sorry to hear of your sinusitis.

  4. It depends are where you are. Some places you have to see everything! But Palm Springs is the perfect place to laze around.

  5. I like a little of both. Some days where it's fun but tiring, and a few days of lazy days in the sun!

  6. A little of both, depending where it is. We mostly go to national parks, so that includes a lot of trails, hiking, driving around, etc.

    Sounds like you had a great trip!

  7. When my family goes somewhere on vacation, man, do we ever do that town. Never has a family fit in more in Disney World, New York City, or Niagara Falls.

    It's probably because we get our vacation lazing around time when we visit my mother - at the beach.


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