Friday, May 15, 2009

Question of the Day #191

Just when you thought the adventures might be over, Suzie's whirlwind tour continues. Destination #3 is Palm Springs. I've spent most of the morning floating around the pool on a raft. N has spent some of it in the shade and some of it on a raft and some of it baking on a lounge chair.

Let's take a poll. (To the left.) What kind of pool person are you? Do you float on all day? Seek quiet in the shade? Soak up the sun on a lounger?



  1. I went to Hawaii on my honeymoon. As much as I loved it, after 8 days of sunblocking every hour, I was ready to go home. I napped completely covered in a towel. If there is shade to be found, that's where I'll be reading a book.

  2. Lucky! Have fun this weekend. : )

  3. I prefer to lay in the sun (though I wish it weren't so bad for you!) and dip in the pool to cool off every once in a while.
    But I'm usually in the pool with three children, so it's more playing than relaxing! (but still a good day!)

  4. I would just love to have the option! Have a wonderful time!

  5. A little bit of sun in the shade and watching the world go by:)

  6. I'm someone who loves floating around on those plastic boats/equipments in wave pools or the slides. It's a lot of fun :)!


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