Friday, May 22, 2009

Question of the Day #198

It's Friday! The beginning of a long weekend. So let's spread the happy. I'll start by writing out 10 things I LOVE:

1. Cheeseburgers
2. When my characters run away with the story and do something I totally don't expect them to do
3. When people comment on my blog
4. Fresh nectarines off the tree in my backyard
5. A good hike
6. Sunsets
7. The beach
8. Cuddling
9. Porch talk
10. Jam sessions

What are 10 things you love?



  1. In no particular order...
    the beach
    a barbeque with friends
    emails with good news
    a foot massage
    weekend getaways
    the smell of fresh limes
    It's hard to stop at 10! Great idea.

  2. Oooh! This is something I can go on for hours about!!

    Top Ten Loves:

    1) Snuggle time
    2) The anticipation/adrenaline before you do something you love (i.e. dance performances, trips to new places, doing something new, bike to a movie with people I love which is what I'm feeling the silly butterflies for today)
    3) Being with the people you love
    4) Campfires and the talks that go along with them
    5) Singing along to guitar/ukulele
    6) Dancing around in public places to loud music with people who are just like me and don't care what other people think about them
    7) The underwear dance around the house in the morning when no one is home . . . yes . . . I really do this
    8) A book that grips you FROM THE BEGINNING and doesn't let go of you until about 5 AM that night
    9) Anything white in the summer. White sheets. White clouds. White teeth. White dresses. White bows. White flowers. White White White!!
    10) Answering questions on your blog that I have a true passion for. It makes me so happy.

    And since I can never live by the rules:

    11) My white Jeep that I'm about to go and purchase!!!!!! I can't wait to take it mudding!!!

  3. Fun question! Of course my family, pets, etc., but here's a random list of other stuff:
    1. When people read my work and love it.
    2. When people (even people who have reason to hate me) read one of my manuscripts in a single night.
    3. Strawberries.
    4. The soup bar at our local organic market, Jimbo's.
    5. Artichokes with mayo.
    6. The beach.
    7. The trails at Torrey Pines State Reserve.
    8. My funky old cabin.
    9. When my house is clean.
    10. Driving with the windows open when I'm hot and sweaty after hiking.

  4. Great question!

    1. The BF
    2. Red wine from Chile
    3. Crispy Beef Tachos
    4. Shanghai
    5. Haagen Dazs Ice cream - Dulce de Leche
    6. Brunch
    7. Lazy Sundays
    8. Scrabble
    9. Shoes
    10. A baby's giggle

  5. Also in no particular order:

    1. Walking on the beach, especially at night.
    2. Reading the latest novel by one of my favorite authors.
    3. Eating ice cream out of the carton while reading.
    4. Watching and feeling a good, harmless summer thunderstorm.
    5. Unstructured road trips and vacations.
    6. Watching happy kittens and puppies play.
    7. Watching my grandchildren grow up.
    8. My Kindle.
    9. My new HP computer that I just hooked up.
    10. Good conversations with friends.

  6. Great question. Hmmm. Only ten? In no particular order:

    1. The silence of a good meditation
    2. Finding the perfect word when writing
    3. The moment when reading a story that my heart is touched
    4. My cats (who are angels covered in fur)
    5. My husband (who is a very special person)
    6. My parents (who are very unusual people)
    7. The vastness of the bushveld under a blazing sun
    8. The sight of a full moon against the velvet sky
    9. The moment of clarity when a mystery is solved
    10. A day of solitude

  7. Keeping it to things and not people- that would be too long!
    1. My pool
    2. A good cry to a sad song now and then
    3. Being onstage and feeling that the audience is right there with you.
    4. Being out on a boat on a sunny calm day and smelling the fresh air
    5. Laughing with my husband
    6. Mini-Tacos, and appetizers in general
    7. Cocktail Parties with good friends
    8. A good game of poker
    9. Thunderstorms and the smell after a summer rain
    10. Perfecting a recipe.

  8. In no particular order:

    The beach
    Sleeping in
    Songs that take me away
    Good books and time to read them!
    Warm from the oven chocolate chip cookies
    Watching my children
    Traveling to someplace new
    A fresh cup of coffee on a foggy morning
    Laughing 'til it hurts
    Sopapillas from Sadie's in New Mexico

  9. 1. coffee
    2. rainy days
    3. sleeping in
    4. national parks
    5. chocolate
    6. tigers
    7. kayaking
    8. cowboy boots
    9. making playlists on my iPod
    10. wildlife watching


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