Saturday, May 23, 2009

Question of the Day #199

I'm taking part in a garage sale today with KGM and her hubby. In the past, we've blogged about fabulous garage sale finds, but what's the weirdest/greatest/most hideous thing you ever got rid of?

I don't have a lot of bad stuff to cleanse myself of today, unless you count the leather pants I bought for some New Years Eve during the 90's. But who knows, perhaps I'll dig up some heinous tablecloth that will become another person's decorative jackpot.

What trash of yours ended up being someone else's treasure?



  1. Oftentimes I've thought of this in a writing sense... one man may think my writing sucks while another thinks it's a treasure... :)

  2. Goodness knows! I think I have good taste and someone wouldn't mind having what I have to offer!

  3. My happiest garage sale item was a soft Asian doll that I had and felt bad about parting with - until the grandmother of a little Chinese girl down the street held it up very excited about it. I was so glad it found a good home that I threw it in for free with the sweaters she bought.

  4. I found a couple of framed Ansel Adams prints for cheap once. Not sure what trash I've sold before. I think I have the weird back end of a beagle my mom sent me for a laugh. You're supposed to put it in your yard or something and it looks like it's stuck its head in the ground. Um, yeah.

  5. LOL Sarah -- we had that same beagle butt. I got it as a gag gift for my husband after we had to get rid of our beagles. Funny how real it looks.

    I can't think of anything really weird that I sold at a yardsale, other than happy meal toys. But considering I go digging through people's boxes of happy meal toys myself, I guess that's not so weird.

    I've seen weird stuff at other people's sales before -- like half empty bottles of perfume, plastic hospital urinals, coloring books that have been colored in, etc ... People try to get rid of some strange stuff.

  6. We don't have any garage sales here :). But some of my son's toys are really weird looking. At least once in a year we sort out some toys and clothing to give away.


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