Sunday, April 19, 2009

Question of the Day #165

Last night, my friend M hosted a girls' night. And around 2:00 AM, after a few cocktails and lots of talk about waxing, friendship and men, we went up on to her roofdeck to take a picture.

I am clearly not a photographer.

In fact, this picture does nothing to show you what an amazing view of city lights she has. And I love city lights.

As a kid, I remember being in the backseat as my family drove into New York City. Those first few glimpses of the skyline were electric, even then. In college, the Boston skyline buzzed and the glow at the top of the Prudential building was like a lighthouse, guiding me home at night.

And years ago, we had a special spot, in "The Tower." A front row seat to downtown LA, where we'd contemplate everything from the next morning's breakfast to how we planned on changing the world.

When my sister in law, Simply V., came to visit, she took this picture from the top of Mulholland, near my house.
She did a great job of capturing that thing about city lights. That freeway is like an artery, pumping life through Hollywood. Bringing motion to the city. The lights are twinkling. Glowing with possibility.

Maybe that's it. Maybe that's my fascination with city lights. Possibility.

What is it about a city that intoxicates you?



  1. For me, it's the lights too. I have fond memories of driving to Vegas with my mom to see Elvis concerts. Getting to that spot where you can see the first glance at the Vegas lights was always exciting.

  2. That there's always something to do, to eat, to drink.

  3. The lights, various foods and luxury of modern technology.

  4. LOL! Cities have their charms, I suppose - lots of restaurants, convenient shops, big bookstores and libraries - but I'm a small town girl. After growing up in a city, I am so glad to no longer be living in one. That said, those city lights photos are still fun to see.

  5. The word that popped into my head was "energy." I love the energy of the city.

  6. The diversity, the culture, the endless options of things to do and the ability to walk to almost everything you need...oh, and the lights are always amazing.

  7. I am in Beijing as I type. Funny that the topic is city intoxication. I am totally enamored with this city. The contrast of ancient (not just old) and NEW is incredible. The architecture, the smells, the sounds, the energy, the people and the food are truly intoxicating.
    Gan Bei! to you all.

  8. I think some cities look best at night. Then you don't see the grime, the problems, the polluted air. Even the traffic looks pretty at night from afar! There's something magical about lights twinkling in the dark, promising something wonderful.


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