Friday, April 3, 2009

Question of the Day #149

Yesterday, while "faking it," I noticed this banana tree. The homeowner had tied up the fruit so the tree wouldn't collapse under its weight. I started thinking about the idea that as a banana tree, its entire purpose is to create bananas. And maybe I was just bored out of my melon waiting for someone to send me off to the store for some more Red Bull, but I started to get all kinds of philosophical about this banana tree.

Was it sad that as a result of producing that amazing bunch of fruit, the tree could no longer stand up on its own? Or was it beautiful, in a Giving Tree sort of way?

Which of course, made me wonder, what would you'd be willing to snap in half for?



  1. Wow, what a wild picture. I don't know what side of the fence I'm on with this one, whether it's sad or that it cool it gave so much. As for what I'd be willing to snap in half for -- LOL -- I'm probably better off not saying. Cool pic!

  2. How much can you bear before you fall to the ground or snap in half? I like the philosophers who discuss being flexible and bending rather than stiff and breaking.

    Looks to me like the tree is allowing the weight to give it a rest and once the bananas are gone (eaten off by the bugs on the ground), the weight is gone and the tree can forge upright once more. So is it really getting a load off the best way it knows how? And some damn human went and interfered with the plan, of course. ;-)

  3. I think the owners of the banana tree should eat more bananas.

    I would snap in half for my children. Honestly, I'd do anything for them.

  4. I like Sarah's philosophical point of view ;). I think that life should be about balance. We have to learn how to give and to take, how to stand up straight and to bow. Without this, we really might break in two.

    Anyway, I would snap in half for my family that's for sure.

  5. I'm with Lisa D. I'd snap in half for my daughter & would do anything to ensure that her life is filled with love, joy, security...the list is long.


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