Friday, April 10, 2009

Question of the Day #156

It's Friday. And I'm soooo glad this week is over. So in an effort to begin a fun, simple weeked, I have a fun, simple question for you.

What's your all time favorite movie?

Mine is a tie between The Sound of Music and Beautiful Girls. The Sound of Music reeks awesomeness because I grew up on it. I can recite every word, sing every lyric and spontaneously dance around like a Von Trapp at any given time. Lucky for you, I don't.

But Beautiful Girls hits me square in the heart because it's about a guy who after moving from his little hometown to NYC, returns for his 10 year high school reunion to find that everyone is still plowing snow for a living, pining after their high school girlfriends and positioning to drink at the same bar until they die. It takes a 13 year old Natalie Portman and a visit from out of towner, Uma Thurman, to convince the main character that his life is not so bad after all.

In short, there's nothing like going back to the place you grew up to make you want to go home.

Anyhoo, that's my two cents. Or my two movies. However you want to look at it.

So what are your all time favorite movies?



  1. 2 easy. Breakfast club! The ultimate movie about teen angst. One of those movies I related to big much.

  2. Vacation, Old School, The Outsiders, A Time to Kill, so many!

  3. Splendor in the Grass when I am feeling romantic and Valley of the Dolls when I am feeling naughty.

  4. It's a tie between The Outsiders and The Notebook. I could watch those movies again and again!

  5. Jesus of Nazareth with Robert Powell. This movie changed my life probably more than I'll ever know. :)

  6. I watch Pretty Woman every time it comes on TV because the plot is so simple, so well acted, turned out so well (however fairytalish), and so full of great music!

    And, Gone With The Wind because, for its day, it was absolutely awesome in all aspects.

  7. I have to say Terry Gilliam's classic Brazil definitely sums up what being an adult feels like for me.

  8. Tough question! My family loves to watch movies. Just look at the number of movies I've seen. There are actually more, because not all movies were on the list. My all time favorite movie with Julie Andrews would be Mary Poppins. I love the theme, songs and unique fusion of real actors and cartoon. Some of my favorite movies are really something to remember and deeply touched my heart, but I can't see them twice because they are so sad. Like, Life Is Beautiful and The Notebook. I also like The Shawshank Redemption and I am Sam. This is not the end of my favorite list, but I'll stop now to save space :)

  9. Beautiful Girls is one of my favorite movies, too! I also love While You Were Sleeping and Con Air.

  10. I love a lot of movies, but I can recite every word from The Princess Bride. That movie was so tongue in cheek, so unexpected, so much fun! After that, probably Breakfast at Tiffany's (I'll watch anything with Audrey Hepburn) and His Girl Friday (LOVE Clark Gable) and Broadcast News was really good...well, I could just go on...

  11. Taxi Driver.

    Alltime favorite, followed VERY closely by Midnight Cowboy.

    Both tales talk about isolation and desparation of varying kinds in a very gritty late-60s, early 70s New York City that is rife with the wreckage of drugs, prostitution and the trash left behind by a defunct flower-power movement that never quite beautified the locale or its people. It is the artistry with which these tales are told that really grab me. Everything from teh direction, acting and visual weight is DEAD ON. Oddly, neither film is ANYTHING like my life or artwork at all, yet I can easily relate.


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