Sunday, April 12, 2009

Question of the Day #158

Back when I lived at Mansfield, The Easter Bunny came to visit us. But unlike the normal egg hiding Easter Bunny, this Easter Bunny hid beer all over the backyard. We all grabbed Easter baskets and scrambled through the backyard finding beers tucked into flower pots, hidden in patio furniture, secreted by plants.

Choruses of "I found one!" resounded. After much laughing, 23 bottles were unearthed. But where was the 24th? We started to get serious. Looking in the pool filter. Was it taped up under the diving board? Had The Easter Bunny climbed the back wall? We searched everywhere for the missing beer.

So finally we interrogated The Easter Bunny.

"C'mon, where is it?" we asked.

"I don't know," she answered. "It's hard to remember where I stashed every one. Plus I have no idea where you found the ones you got!"

She had a point. And The Easter Bunny looked innocent enough. So we gave up the chase and drank our delicious treats.

And that night, as I got ready for bed, I went to close the window in my bedroom. As I cranked the handle for it to close, it got stuck. I cranked again. Not moving. So I opened the door to my poolhouse, went outside and pulled the last beer from inside the window.

"I found it!" I called out into the yard.

Lady A. laughed from her room across the pool. Mr. F. yelled, "Nice!"

And all was right in the world.

Today, the Easter Beer Hunt lives on. After we enjoy our potluck Easter dinner, The Easter Bunny will scurry outside as we hole up inside and promise not to peek. Then we'll search for hidden treasure.

What traditions do you enjoy around this time of year?



  1. Hide beer bottles and eat pork at Suzie's!!

  2. We always color our eggs on Easter day. It has always filled in the time after the baskets and egg hunt where the kids look at us and say, "Now what?"

  3. How funny! We just hide eggs with candy for the kids. And we usually eat ham but my mom says no ham this year. Steaks. Woot!

  4. LOL @ the beers. I love it.

    We color eggs and let the kids go on an Easter egg hunt, usually with plastic eggs. I remember as a kid, my brother would hide real eggs and by the time I found them in the morning, the birds had pecked the crap out of them all. This year we had an inside egg hunt and the boys had a blast. We're having a ham dinner tonight.

    But really -- I like that beer idea!

  5. First, we all go to mass. We then have an egg hunt and each child has a different color egg to find (it cuts down on a lot of fights). We eat a delicious ham dinner and enjoy numerous desserts. Then we all have to go out front and take our yearly pictures on the "rock", and that rock appears to be getting smaller every year!!

  6. Yea...we did the egg hunt for the kids too. I thought for a long time about how to make a fun egg hunt for the adults and had some pretty good ideas. Unfortunately my ideas came a bit late this year. Next year it is game on though. Anyone up for joining me for an adult easter ___ hunt!!! WooHoo!

  7. Ok...anonymous was me...Angel. I couldn't get it to go through any other way.

  8. No Easter traditions these days, except for my two pet bunnies. :-)

    When I was little I always got a brand new box of 64 Crayolas along with my Easter basket. The beer hunt is a spectacular idea; too bad it's a little too cold still for that.

  9. We hide those large plastic eggs with toys, money, candy and 'chits' in them for the grandkids. The chits could be anything from "One extra dessert" to "Redeem for a foot massage"; oddly enough, both my grandkids love foot massages!

  10. I loved "hiding" treats that varied and/or grew as the "kids" grew!!! Our last "hunt" was two years ago. The "kids" are not really kids any more(30 somethings). I hid easter treats and then let them loose. We ALL got really into it! It was a riot.
    At church last sunday, the children were sent out for Sunday school and then the rest of the congregation "hid" plastic eggs filled with goodies. The faces of the children when they were let back into the sanctuary were priceless. You could almost see their individual stratagies written on their faces as they got set, ready, and go!!!!

  11. I colored eggs and made deviled eggs. My youngest no longer believes in the Easter Bunny so we didn't do any hiding this year/ I have a friend who hides mini bottles for her guests and all the adults have a bottle hunt.

  12. We went to Irvine and had an adult hunt and kids hunt for the first time. It was a blast! Plus the waether was nice and the kids went into the pool and it was our 14 year olds b-day. L.G.

  13. An Easter beer hunt! That's hilarious! I hide eggs for my kids. But instead of candy, we put money in them. (They get candy and gifts in their Easter baskets.) We fill the eggs with nickels, dimes, quarters and pennies. It adds up! And of course the kids really enjoy it :^)


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