Saturday, April 4, 2009

Question of the Day #150

So I signed up for a blog carnival about trees. A blog carnival is a blog event dedicated to a particular topic. Bloggers can submit their materials to the carnival and a host will link back to bloggers' sites. Then new bloggers come to your site to see what you have to say about a topic.

Since a while back, I'd asked, "What's your favorite tree?" I figured I'd sign up. So over the past day or two, new bloggers have answered the question.

I'm fascinated by their answers. They answered in scientific terms. Trees I've never heard of. And I'm wowed by the fact that there are serious tree fanatics out there.

Which, in turn, made me ponder what interests other people have. I am clearly a foodie. I analyze foods, determine the secret ingredients in recipes and then attempt to better them on my own. I'm obsessive about getting the freshest, least expensive ingredients I can. And I love to grow my own food.

What are you a fanatic of?



  1. Food. Shoes. Not necessarily in that order.

  2. An absolute fanatic about books and reading!

  3. In no particular order: family, food, photos, travel, nature... Wow, this becomes a long list if I don't stop now ;).

  4. I don't believe myself to be a fanatic about anything. I take more of a generalist/hobbyist approach to things that I enjoy doing: reading, art, nature, gardening, travel, decorating, cooking.

  5. The internet. I do love illustrated children's books. I have favorite illustrators and will check out any book they've illustrated regardless of the author.

  6. I love my garden. In VT the garden is just waking up. After spending another 3 hours in the garden cleaning things up, I just dragged myself in the house. I am in awe of the presence of real life that peeks out every spring and gives us such pleasure. Tiny green or red or yellow sprouts where snow had just melted. You uncover each tiny life, slowly so as not to disturb or break. It is awesome in the true sense of the word. hmmm I guess I am fanatic about my garden. :)

  7. Although everything in nature interests me on some level or another, my most serious and dedicated (I try not to let myself get fanatical to the point of obsession) interests are birds and moths.


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